Bridging the gap between scientific data and supply chain management systems in real-time. Key to efficient & effective traceability with irrefutable provenance.

DNA Reference Libraries

DNA Barcoding of Animals, Timber and Plant based products. We are the bioinformatics partner for the Advanced DNA, Identification and Forensic Facility (ADIFF) in the University of Adelaide’s School of Biological Sciences.

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Organic Environmental Profiling

Our software creates chemical fingerprints of food using the trace elements absorbed within its environment. The technology is also very useful to detect contamination and chemical residues. This can also be used to track nutritional indicators over time.


Anomaly detection with AI using geochemistry, geological and mineralogy data to predict mining sites.

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Computer Vision

Image and object detection for quality control and authentication of food.

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TraceBase is a customisable AI connected to a data warehouse specifically designed for the analysis, storage and classification of scientific data. TraceBase will save you time in the lab.

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Food Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Supply Chain Management, Recall and Reverse Logistics, Certification of Specific Attributes and Consumer Demand for Transparency.

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We are committed to enable producers attract premium buyers for their premium products by providing scientific evidence to back their product quality, ethics, and sustainability claims as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) claims.

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We can take information about living things like genes and information about their chemical makeup like elements and compounds and put them together. Then with a click of a button, we can figure out which genes or specific pieces of genetic code, as well as which elements and compounds are related to each feature of a sample.

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